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I am looking for Novice Light weight Supersport lap times for VIR North.
I have a track day followed by racing school coming up later in july and I have never been to VIR (as a rider). I need to sort my RS250 out and looking for a range of lap times that could be considered decent.

I was told by someone I respect alot (Scott Russell) when I started racing back in 1994, to Never "chase" lap times when going to a new track, but it does help to know how far off the mark you are when sorting the bike and track.

Please respond if you know.

Thank you

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If you are mid-pack fast, around 1:45 after you learn the track.

I would suggest you leave the timer in the truck, at least until you know the layout. It is an unnecc. distraction.:twocents

that said, you can find all the times you want here:
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turn 4 that's all you need to know. right or wrong no other turn on that course will effect your lap times more.

turn seven(up hill right after bridge) your instinct will be to turn in on the outside of the rough patch of pavement. . . you'll be faster if you run inside of it. there is a lot more bank if you hold a really tight line to the gators there (which have been ground down this winter by the way) you can throw it in so hard if you run that line it's not even funny.

there are a lot of places on that course that compress the sh*t outa your suspension so make sure there is a little extra slack in your chain. people have been known to highside at turn seven and 17/17a because of chain bind.

the mid straight kink is what separates the men from the boys. apex that sh*t like its a full blown turn and you can take it WTFO. line yourself up in between the two tar snakes (you'll find them) and as you come over the crest shoot for the last marker before T one, it's an arrow. you can go much deeper into there than you think. it looks like it's just downhill to flat, but it actually kicks back uphill slightly

I know that's not what you were looking for, but it's not the easiest track to learn. there are a lot of "local" lines that are faster than the "proper" line. It's an awesome circuit though. . . enjoy.
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