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I have LED in the rear tail and also on the front in the stock turn singnal housing.
I just bought some really small LEds for the front and replaced them.
My problem is now the turn signals dont work correctly.i know LEDs draw less power so the blinking was twice as fast before i put the new signals in the front.
Now with the new fronts having about 1/4 to 1/2 of the light the stocks with LEDSs in it do the only stay on all the time barley fading but not all the way off.
What do i need to put on it to make them blink.
I dont care it it blinks as factory set up or a lil faster.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: LED Qs..... (Termiduc)

Any 5 watt ceramic resistor will work wired in parallel with the light. You need one in each turn light circuit. They cost a couple of bucks each.

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Re: LED Qs..... (998)

Found it.
Gonna take it to work and wire in a resistor in to itself.
I'll let you all know how it comes out.

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Before you try all that, did you make sure that they were properly installed? What I mean is that diodes (Light Emitting Diode) are polarity sensitive. Positive side has to go to positive and negative has to go to negative. If you don't put them in properly, then you are reversing the polarity and they don't work properly. If anyone is really interested, I can give an electronics lecture about diodes. lol :)

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Re: (SpideySteve)

Yeah, they dont work the other way.
Just the lights i put on it doesnt draw to much to light them.
Plus with the LEDs in the rear also ther eis lil draw too.
the regular LEDs i had in the stock housing and rear LEDs only made it flash faster and now the new LEDs are about 1/4 of what the old ones were.
I am working on making somehint at my shop to plug in betwen the flasher on the bike.Hopefully ill have it done tomorrow.

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Re: (998)

Finally had time to fix the turn signals.
I ended up using four 1 Watt / 66 ohm resistors per side.
I tried one 1 watt 66 ohm resistor and it got warm, so just to be save i added the second.
The way i wired them in was i put the two resistors together and then soldiered them so the we piggybacked.
Then i stuck each end under the clear rubber protector for the ullet connectors for the turn signals and pluged the new lights in to pinch the resistor wire so it couldnt come out.
Then i taped them up with some black Electrical tape.
Now they work great.
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