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I bought a Yuasa battery from Team Promotion on Oct. 07 of 2006 which was also my last trackday of the year. Last week I noticed a weird blemish on the swingarm directly under the battery and when I cleaned it the paint came off on a section about 5 inches by 1/4 inch. I e-mailed TPM and told them what happened and what I can do about the leaking battery which is only going to be 2 months tomorrow. I'm not so concerned about the cosmetic blemish on the swingarm since I think it would be an easy repair. So basically the guy from TPM said...

Hi Rey,
What battery did you purchase? I need a model number. Do you have the sales receipt? Has the battery failed? Does it still hold a charge and start your rc51? If so, you are asking if you are eligible for a replacement for a properly working battery?


So when is a "sealed, maintainance-free" battery that is leaking corrosive acid "properly working"??? What do you guys think? What can I do to stop my battery from leaking? Am I eligible for a replacement battery? The battery does work perfectly (it holds a charge, starts the old RC without any problems) except it is leaking.


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Sealed batteries will state their "sealed" on them. They have no vent caps or vent tubes, and generally only leak if there's a flaw in the factory seal or battery casing. A charging system that's overcharging might damage it as well.

The RC51's battery actually sits on an angle, not straight up and down. It can't leak, or it will cause damage.

You'll have to remove the battery and determine where it's leaking from, then proceed from there....

Hopefully it wasn't because it was dropped or damaged.

Post the question up on ther TPM forum, in the Tech section, "Should a sealed battery leak?" and see what the general opinion is of other members.
Then....take their opinion, (which will be the same, I believe) and reapproach TPM with the warranty issue.

As much as TPM has become more and more of a money making machine, I've found personally that most of the people that run the organization are easy to talk to and will go out of their way to help you out. I've heard and experienced more good stories about them (I am a member as well) then I ever have bad ones. You might have caught someone on a bad day, or they didn't completely understand the problem. (Sealed vs Nonsealed battery)

As for getting it warrantied by TPM....they'll probably refer you to the manufacturer, with your receipt and appropriate paperwork. That's my guess....

Either way, good luck.
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