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" Starlane Stealth CRX Lap Timer

Starlane Stealth CRX infrared laptimer The Infrared Transmitter-Receiver Kit ( INFRARED KIT ) has unique features in its kind, indeed each Transmitter has a personal factory code wich makes it different from the others, this makes absolutely safe the identification of your reference and voids the lap time being modified by other similar devices, it's not enough indeed "blind" the system for a few secons after it has received the signal of a transmitter to void mistakes: for example, if while you are running the lap the first transmitter in the beginning of the pit wall is taken away for the respective driver has retired, going in the straight you’ll receive the pulse of the first next transmitter within many meters of difference from the point where you started the lap; if arrives the usual late man, who, after the practice has started, goes in the beginning of the pits, going in the straight your chrono will show a lap time as fantastic as unreal. The same if you have a product with settable channels, you'll know only after losing a practice session that somebody else is working on your same channel. All this can not happen with STEALTH thanks to the code of beach transmitter"

Ahhh.....ehhhh.....OK, got it. I think!!!! :)
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