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Laguna Conspiracy Theory
>The race was fixed. Here's one possibility...
>(Scene: in the Yamaha garage, roughly twenty minutes before the sighting
>lap for the MotoGP race. Valentino motions Colin over to the corner of
>the garage just out of everyone's earshot)
>VALE: Colin, diss eess a beddy important race for Amedica, yes?
>COLIN: f#%kin-A, man. I sure hope I can clear off from Nicky so I can
>finish second to you, V.
>VALE: Dat eess why I call to you to come. I have Beeeg plan for you.
>(stretches arms wide) Closer to me. Nobody to hear, OK?
>COLIN: (Leans in) What's up?
>VALE: I have beddy beeg points from Marco. Maybe sixty-one ahead. I wish
>to go cool and give you de race if you can catch Nicky. He eess beddy
>fast. You catch, you pass, you win, OK?
>COLIN: (Shouts) Shit Fire! You'd do that for me? (slaps thigh)
>VALE: Hey! Beddy quiet for plan is good, OK?
>COLIN: (whispers) Riiiight, sorry.
>VALE: You go catch Nicky. Have good time. MotoGP get big in Amedica from
>you. You get famous and rich and buy Texas, Yes?
>COLIN: (shouts again) f#%kin-A! Let's go! (Gives Valentino a forearm to
>the shoulder. Valentino trips over a pile of shop rags and farts as he
>gets up. Colin laughs so hard he shoots a booger out his left nostril.)
>VALE: De pasta primavera, eet always make me do dis!
>COLIN: (Yells) Hey, everybody! Valentino just shit his leathers!
>During the race, Nicky motors away like he's shot from a cannon.
>Valentino rides at seven-tenths, and waits for habitual bad starter
>Colin to catch up. Colin sails past at eleven-tenths as Valentino mulls
>over what to have for dinner and which one of his umbrella girls will
>get a pearl necklace before bedtime. Valentino falls 3.5 seconds back as
>Colin tries to crawl under the paint in an effort to catch Nicky, who is
>doing an admirable job of lighting the afterburners every time the gap
>shrinks to under two seconds.
>With two laps to go, Valentino gets startled awake by an air horn as he
>crests the ridge leading up to the Corkscrew. As he shakes the cobwebs
>out and yawns, he sees Colin ahead, too far from Nicky to make a run of
>any significance.
>VALE: (Thinking) Colin, Colin, Colin, you are a beeg Amedican f#%k-up.
>Now I have to go and make up for your, uh, how do you say....uh,
>imcompetence. Mister Yamaha ees at de track! How do you let thees
>The race results are as posted. Valentino, realizing an American one-two
>would be good press fodder, closes on Colin just enough to let him know
>who the alpha rider still is. Colin arrives at the podium so drenched
>with sweat he looks pressurized. Valentino, however, looks like he just
>got done watching a movie in his motorhome.
>After the hoopla of post-race interviews dies down and the crowd
>disperses, the two teammates cross paths as the MotoGP circus folds up
>the tents.
>COLIN: Hey, man, I want to thank you for that chance. Man, that little
>shit Nicky is faster than I thought. I tried, man. About next year, do
>you think--.......

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If the race was fixed, it was fixed by Michelin!! You have to admit it was good press with the US finishing 1 and 2

As far as Michelin, they just got caught suppling one off rubber to a specific team in the BSB championship???
Dunlop has done it also in the AMA with Honda

Modified by nedragr at 5:33 PM 7/18/2005

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Re: (nedragr)

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by nedragr »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote"> Michelan!! </TD></TR></TABLE>

I don't know her, is she hot? Italian?
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