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This is a companion to the other thread I started this morning on adventure bikes. For me it seems to come down to a supermoto type ride or an adventure bike. I might be done with sportbikes until the D16 depreciates down a but more.

other thread

Basically the only two twin liter-ish bikes that fit the supermoto mold and sell for around $7k used is the early (carbed) KTM 950SM and an early Ducati Hypermotard.

On paper both seem very similar. About the same power, same weight, similar ergos. I happen to like the KTM from a looks perspective but wouldn't kick a Hyper out of the garage either.

If anyone has experiences with one or both, or links to articles online it would be appreciated.

If there are other possibilities, please post them up!

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Hi...me again. I used to own a 950 SM, and spent a weekend on the Hyper at Deals Gap.

The Hyper was very cool...tiny, most def "hyper", but I wouldn't want to ride one all day. I had to - it was painful. A riot in the twsties, however.

The SM is bigger and faster, maybe not quite as "hyper", but every bit as capable. It's actually quite capable off road as well, someplace I wouldn't take the Hyper.

I think I could ride the Hyper faster, but ride longer, and in more places on the SM.

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Copious cocktails talking here. Put wifey to bed at 10:00
Katooms won't stand the test of time. Might be a better bike but will be a bargain basement sale in a couple years.

Sorry, must be the rum talkin.
You know how long it took me to type this????????

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The Hypermotard is a hooligan short-distance tool for the tight stuff. It's definitely NOT an all-day ride. Too small, too agile/flighty and too open/windy - even compared to most street nakeds. For Sunday morning tight technical blasts of 100 miles...nothing better. For everything else...sucks, and you'll get tired of it, IMO.

The Katoom 950 is a GREAT bike, but VERY thirsty. Comfy, relaxed ergos, and a very nice torquey engine. Reliability may be iffy at best. As you have maintained Ducatis, this should not put you off, but it's not really a long distance sport tourer type thing, if that's what you were thinking of doing.

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Actually very different bikes.

I owned a 950 and had a chance to flog a Ducati NA press Hyper at the Streets of Willow. There's no real comparison.

The Hyper feels like a Multistrada with the body taken off. It's slow to turn but stable when over. When the pace increases, you notice things like the rear brake pedal will drag before anything else on the right side and the engine runs out of puff pretty quickly. It's a nice bike to ride and it looks stunning, but it isn't a big crazy motard.

Enter the big crazy motard.

Get on the KTM and it is lunacy turned up to 11. Power everywhere. Ultra-sensitive controls and a bike that's puzzled when you want to ride around with the wheels in line.

Sure it'll get groceries, but the KTM really wants to enter every corner on the front wheel and exit on the rear.


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No one has mentioned the 990 Superduke. If you don't plan on riding in the dirt it's a viable option. My friend has the SM950 and I have the Superduke for street riding.

The SD sits a little lower and is more planted like a sport bike but just as comfortable as the SM. The SM moves around a lot when pushed hard in the twisties. The superduke is fuel injected, has bigger front rotors and a close ratio gearbox. Faster then the SM950 and Hyper and never boring.

I rode the Hyper before deciding on the SD. Liked the Hyper but wanted something with more power and comfort.

Don't get me wrong, it's a blast in the mountains and is just as capable as the Hyper in that respect, maybe more.

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Personally 950 SM or 950 SD over the Duc. All awesome machines but the KTM's will be lower in price. Also keep an eye out for the 950 SMR which is also a very good deal imo.

I've ridden with all on the track and all are impressive. Thing about the 950 SM is it is so under-rated and its price suffers for it. If you plan on keeping it forever buy it dirt cheap and enjoy.

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I stopped by the local Katoom dealer yesterday, I really do like their bikes but the prices turn me off a bit. I am very intrigued by the 950 super enduro, I wish it was fuel injected but man what a sick bike!!

They have an Erzberg edition and it is on sale, still too much money for me right now but it is tempting!!
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