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I saw a 2003 used ktm 450 (oops SX) at a dealer. Great shape, it wasn't a garage queen that's for sure but it's not that banged up (however the plastic is black(and newish), wasn't it an all orange bike with some black?) The salesman told me the one owner traded it in for the exact same model bike. It has 'works' suspension on it he said, and that it comes from KTM but I have no idea how to judge that. Some beefy 'saucy' triple clamps?

Lets say it was ridden like a dirtbike should, like he had ready access to some places to ride, probably got out every other day. How ready is that engine for some work? It sounded ok to me, anything I should look for? The price was very reasonable too.. borderline rediculous

He also said ktm titles don't have "for offroad use only" (something to that extent) and therefor could be registered without much of a problem?

not bad for a next bike.. anyone know what I should expect to pay?

edit i think it was an SX.. what's the difference? and what would "needs k2 or k3 ignition" installed mean? (courtesy of baja designs)

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Re: ktm 450, good SM potential? (clappedoutkawi)

It's a great canidate for SM...

SX had a 4 speed tranny, the MXC has a close ratio 6 speed and the EXC has a wide ratio 6 speed.

If it was really thrashed, a complete topend rebuild is in order. Valves, guides, cam bearings, springs and cam chain. No too expensive if you have some wrenching skills.

17 inch wheels are readily available from KTM, and they are totally reasonable compared to other aftermarked wheels.

If the price is ridiculous, then you have room to take care of the mechanical stuff...
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