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Is this a fair price for a 2002 998

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Hey guys :

I am seriously considering selling my 2002 998 Red Biposto within the next coupel of weeks.
Thought I shoudl ask you guys if the asking price is fair, I am of the opinion that it is.
The bike has 5674 miles ...
Still under Factory Warranty till 4/30/2005.
DP termignoni Titanium slip-ons with ECU
Stock exhaust and ECU included

6000 Mile service done..
- Evaluzion Side stand by pass
- Evaluzion Temp by pass
- CF swing arm cover

I am asking $10,900.00
Thats lower than the KBB and about the same price i have seen for a couple of 998 on Ebay with higher milage and NO warranty.

What do you guys think..

Didnt put the thread in Classifieds yet as I am still thinking about it, but am pretty sure it has to go.
Your input is greatly appriciated.
Thank you
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Re: Is this a fair price for a 2002 998 (kam1996)

I have not seen your bike and do not know anything about it. I will assume for this post it has been well cared for and in great shape. In this case the price you are thinking about is more than fair for a starting price. I own one of these bikes and think you are in line. With that said I am also in the market for anothre bike just like yours and mine. If you need some cash get under 10 g and I will take her home provided my assumption about your bike is accurate. I live colse to you (so to speak) in Gaffney SC.
sounds similiar to one i looked at and it sold
Re: Is this a fair price for a 2002 998 (road rash 2)

ROADRASH: If by "taken care of " you mean:

- All maint done on time
- Oil changed every 2000 mile with Motul
- Never ridden in rain
- Chain wax applied after Every ride
- Never dropped/crashed
- Always garaged

then the answer is YES..
I have been able to research a bit more, as well as talked to my Credit Union to get Bank loan value and NADA value, it seems that my asking price is very reasonable.
I will be putting the bike up for sale sometime next week.
Thank you
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Re: Is this a fair price for a 2002 998 (kam1996)

That sounds like a great starting point. If anything maybe just a tad on the low side, which is ok if you're looking to be rid of it in a hurry.
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