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just wanted to introduce myself and my Honda VTR1000F aka Duc-Eater. i think you guys would be pretty surprised at how this non "race chassis" bike does against other bikes at the track. shes pretty spot on with most new I-4 600's. she corners like shes on rails and lacks only slightly in power (not for long) on straights and im always able to make up ground with late breaking, higher corner speeds, and by taking advantage of the torque on corner exit. i never get tired of telling people that a 98 with carbies just smoked their R6.

Ive fallen in love with the VTR and ive still never ridin any other bikes that ive enjoyed so much. i love to wrench almost as much as ride so i spend a lot of time, and way to much money, doing mods. hope theres some other VTR owners here. i see alot of RC's on the site. i promise ill give your "race bike" a run for its money :p

Chassis / Suspension:
-Swingarm braced with CBR 900RR brace
-Ohlins HO-701 fully adjustable shock with remote preload and compression damping reseviors
-6mm shim on shock
-Inverted forks from an RC51 SP1 with racetech internals
-RC51 SP1 upper and lower triple clamps
-All balls tapered stearing bearings
-SP2 5 spoke front and VTR rear wheels for the track (Dunlop Q'3s)
-SP1 6 spoke front and 900RR 6 spoke rear wheels for the street(Michelin PP3's)

Brakes / Controls:
-Magura Radial 190 20x20 forged aluminum Master Cylinder / Lever
-RC51 front calipers
-RC51 front rotors
-Galfer rear wave rotor
-Stainless Braided lines in the front
-Danmoto fully adjustable rear sets
-Danmoto fully adjustable clip-ons
-Shorty clutch lever
-HRC 1/6th turn throttle tube
-EBC HH pads

-HPower Velocity Stacks
-Hindle Semi-High 20" mufflers
-STG 3 jet kit
-Lightened Flywheel 6;bs 4oz. (contemplating going down to 5lbs)
-De-PAIR'ed with Superdutyd block off plates
-APE manual CCT's
-Hiflofiltro air filter

-Electronic Flasher
-LED integrated tail light
-Flush mount front signals
-Tail Tidy
-Sharskinz Lower fairing
-Swinger spools
-T-Rex sliders
-Bar end mirrors
-Dark smoke Zero Gravity windscreen
-Speedo faceplate conversion from KMH to MPH
-upgraded headlight
-gold aftermarket exhaust hangers
-steering damper
-shift spline mod
-RC51 front fender
-longer Honda Blackbird kickstand to fix lean from shock shim

Either on the way in the mail or on my workbench waiting to be installed:
-JE High Compression 11.5:1 pistons :D
-Airtech 900RR hugger
-Carbonadi Carbon Fiber Engine case covers, with holes cut for the timing caps on the alternator cover

Plans for Future mods:
-STG 1 Mori Cams or Regrind's (possibly found a line on some Mori Cams) :)
-Slipper Clutch (any recomendations on either Yoyodyne or Sigma's?)
-Roger Ditchfeild style frame stiffening
-520 chain conversion and going to 15/41 or 42 gearing. stock is too tall
-Going back to a 180 rear tire from my current 190(not really a mod)
-electric pump
-forged magnesium wheels
-Light weight front rotors
-Brembo front calipers
-larger oil cooler
-quick shifter (maybe)

Its obvious i have more plans than money... :(

Dyno tuned to 113 HP after install of HPower stacks. Hoping to get around the 120-125 rwhp mark with the JE pistons on my work bench and STG 1 cams, which are yet to be found.


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thanks guys. shes sorta my RC in disguise...

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RC she isn't! Have you had the privilege of throwing a leg over one?

I know I know, I love my Superhawk as well, but if I were to become a track junkie, I'd be on the search for a sorted RC. A friend used to own one and we switched up frequently. Going from Hawk to RC was :eek::eek:. Flog an RC then jump on the hawk and it feels like a wet noodle!

We dyno dragged a few years ago...
RC-51 Vs Super Hawk #2 - YouTube RC-51 vs. Super Hawk - YouTube
It is all about your comfort level on the bike. If the super does it for ya, take it as far as you can. We love seeing the progression and learning from your hard work.
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