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This winter or spring I'd like to pick up an off road ride and it seems that there is no shortage of affordable 125 & 250cc MX bikes on the used market. I'll probably stay brand loyal, so specifically I'd like to get a CR. Now I know I could get an XR250/400, put oil and gas in it and it would run forever, but the lively nature of a 2 stroke dirt bike would probably be more to my liking. I'm curious though, what kind of maintenece issues I'm gonna come across and what should I look out for in buying a used CR?

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Re: Interested in a used 2 stroke (Wrist Rocket)

I think they are a little harder to get access at some things when you work on them, but they should be pretty reliable.

Maintenance is pretty much related to how often and how hard you ride. Make sure you get the manual with any bike you buy so you at least have the maintenance schedules and can work from there.

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Re: Interested in a used 2 stroke (Wrist Rocket)

things to check for
suspension bearings shot
linkage bearings, swingarm bearings, shock bearings
(lift up the rear of the bike and see if you hear a "knock" in the suspension as the suspension tops out)
steering head bearings (check for free turning and no slop)
wheel bearings (wiggle wheels and see if there's play
chain and sprocket condition (replace as a SET)
chain slider and roller and guide condition
air filter condition (2 bolts at rear of seat to remove seat)
brake pads
brake rotors
leaking fork seals
should have 150+psi of compression
clean transmission oil
leaking shock seal
have the owner remove the exhaust pipe and slowly move the piston past the exhaust port and check for scoring using a flashlight and looking into the exhaust port

MOST dirtbikes i've serviced have destroyed the suspension linkage bearings because of the pressure washing gets water in and it cant get out, same with wheel bearings and steering head bearings... assume you'll have to get them replaced.. suprisingly you'll probably find a better used dirbike from a racer, but use your intuition and look around, there's tons of good bikes and tons of shyte bikes too
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