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Interest In MH parts?

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Front nose cone
Windscreen nuts and posts
Headlight surround
Front nose cone holder to the frame
Dashboard - brand new still in wrapper
Steering damper - brand new
Factory muffler
Factory headers, 1 and a half sets
Tank cover Complete with 1414 - 2000 logo
Fuel tank
Rear # plate holder
Factory Clipons
Factory cam covers
Factory clutch cover
Factory front guard
Factory Indicators
"MH DUC" # plate for Washington
Bolt on Sump to engine base

Any interest let me know, ping me here or e me at [email protected]
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Re: Interest In MH parts? (Monstaman)

PM me -- I could use a couple of parts for an upcoming cruiser/chopper project:

- bolt on sump / cosmetic base
- dashboard
- headlight surround
- factory headers
Re: Interest In MH parts? (superleggera)

For everyone who is interested in the named parts let me know where
you are at, indicatively I am looking for around half new price for
the second hand mint condtion stuff and a bit more for the new
items, also add to the list the complete headlight.

Mark...you may have some stiff competition
......motocreations NZ ...
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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