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Does anyone know if an Ignition Control Module can be tested for proper functionality? I am only getting a spark from one of the two plug wires. I have the unit out of the bike and would like to find a way to test it.

I'm not sure of the Ducati part number, however listed below is what is written on the module:

Ducati Made in Italy

32408012 51 01

4010696 1

This unit has two spark plug wires, one coming out of each side of the unit. When on the vehicle, it is only putting out a spark to one of the two plug wires, the right side. I have tested the left side with several new spark plugs and a spark test light, there is definitely no spark. I used the same test methods on the good side just to make sure my test methods worked properly, and it has a good solid spark. I did not find any loose or disconnected wires. I spoke to the dealer's mechanic a few weeks ago, and he recommended that I replace the ignition controller. So I ordered a new ignition controller, but the problem still remains.

Any ideas of how to trouble shoot this? Could the problem be caused by a component that is prior to this unit in the electrical circuit? Is there anything I can check or test? Thank you for the assistance.


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Re: Ignition Control Module How To Test? (hamholfarm)

I think maybe you meant to post this in one of the Ducati forums?

As for your question, I'd say that it sounds as if there is a problem with the input to the ignition. Get a service manual (if you don't alllready have one) & your multi-meter out & start checking the electrical system upstream of the ignition module.
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