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What is your Zipcode? City? UPS and other carriers do have a list of "affected" areas. One thing you have to understand is that.... even though your town/city is OK.... the carrier's "base" of operations may not be. I work for UPS (hope the flames do not begin) and we are constantly updating good zips, and trying to get supplies, etc down the affected areas. We and virtually all carriers work on a "hub and spoke" concept. We were not permited beyond a certain point and had to drop off/unload several trailers full of relief/aid items.

Where do you live? I am sure one of us in the South East can get a chain to you. I am about to do a SP2 conversion and need a couple of links or new chain (current 520 chain may have 1000miles MAX on it). I also have a friend that has been making trips to Biloxi all week. He is working down there, etc.

You can e-mail me directly at [email protected] or call me at (334)467-1513 and maybe we can work out some details or perhaps someone closer can help out. My workday is @ 15hrs as we continue to work around the affected devastated areas.

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