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I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous.

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It suddenly hit me, I may have done a bad thing. Here's the story...

I found that it was impossible for me to install the closing rockers with the valve stems in the way. So I came up with the brilliant idea to rotate the engine a bit so that the valves fell out of the way a little bit. Worked great on the vertical cylinder. It was a bitch but not impossible.

So then I rotated the engine through the horizontal's TDC so that it's valves were out of the way and then it hit me... How the hell do I know if the cylinder is on the power stroke or the exhaust stroke? There are no cams installed at this point.

See, I figured if I lined up the marks on the flywheel and the marks on the middle pulley and then install the cams with all of their marks lined up, that should be the horizontal cylinder's TDC. What I didn't consider was ignition and exhaust strokes.

Am I in trouble? BTW, this is on a 00' 996.

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If all the marks line up you are doing fine.
Re: (Willy L)

puff puff give
Hopefully I explain this half way right....If the belts are off i.e. no vavle train action involved, then there is no compression or exhaust stroke. There's ony top dead center. As long as you align the cam mark when the piston is on one of the tdc marks, then you have just established tdc on the compression stroke and you are good to go.
Re: (galaxy)

That is good to hear galaxy and that's what I was thinking but then I thought about spark. That's when I said, "Uh-oh" ;-)

I wanted to make sure it would be correct in terms of ignition timing.
Re: (RMA)

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