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Dammit, I had this bright idea this evening while it was sunny & 70 degrees to practice my tire mounting skills without the aid of a tire machine. You know get ready for the fix a flat deal in the middle of the boonies while Dual Sporting.
Anyway we have a big trip planned 1st week of March to Big Bend Texas for a week of dual sporting in the wide open west texas desert country. Well I have a good friend who has a tire machine in his garage that I can use anytime (and I do alot) but Mr. smarty pants here decided he would try it the hard way, you can never be to prepared I thought. I need to be able to repair my own flats I thought.

Front tire 20 minute job, hey this ain't so bad. On to the rear, G*$%am tire is built like steel! I get the tube out in 15 miuntes but spend 30 more minutes trying to get the damn tire off the rim
Finally I do one thing right & it simply fell off. So I commence the re-install, I powder the tube up nice & good, lube the tire rim up good, tire goes on pretty easily (helluva lot easier than the other one came off). Feed the tube in nice & smooth everything is looking good, I carefully pry the tire inch by inch all the way around. POP last bead goes in place, I grab the air chuck, I am feeling like a roman gladiator at this point, feeling good, air goes in nicely,,,,only it does not seem to be holding.................DAMN tube is pinched!
Alot of choice language was thrown out, paced the garage a few minutes and went at the tube removal again. Yep nice 2 little pinch marks on the tube. Culprit, tire iron developed a nasty burr in the old tire removal fight I guess. I had another tube but it was not a HD tube only a cheapy in the tailbag for emergency use only, cheapy's are lighter and pack down smaller. So my bravado cost me $20+ bucks and some very sore fingers and hands. Rear sprocket got me at least twice in the knuckle area.

The other thing that happened this past saturday while I was prepping the engine & bike I went to clean the air filter I found it had disolved at the base, in pieces from the grease I guess. It had been cleaned once in 2k miles mostly all pavment. So I had ordered a Twin Air, suppose to be at the shop tomorrow.

Jeez maybe I should not go on this trip after all, luck ain't been to good here lately.

I will be using that tire machine from now on
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