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I am selling my 2006 Husaberg FS650c. I know I will regret it the minute I post this, but I just want a different toy. This bike has only 55.5 hours of carefully documented run time and it is a very clean-looking bike. I started out highly skeptical about Husabergs because I didn’t know a thing about them, and ordered it almost as an impulse buy. Basically everything I learned about the bike has been shared with the world on supermotojunkie, and I am happy to say my experiences have been 100% positive. There are a lot of really cool things about Husaberg’s supermoto bikes, but aside from all the stock specs and features what stands out about this particular bike most is:

-It is titled in Florida as a street bike. I have it registered and insured and as far as I know, you could transfer it with little trouble to 48 other states. Please do your homework in YOUR state if you intend to register it, that not my responsibility! It has the main wiring harness from the e model and the headlight, tail/brake light, and tag can be installed or removed in less than two minutes. I run the minimum needed to be legal in FL, so I installed a mirror but no turn signals, no horn and no gauges. E-start is stock, btw :)

-This bike is very quick, very light, and has been very reliable. The motor is totally stock and I have not had to make any mechanical repairs to it. I have changed oil and filters constantly and adjusted the valves a couple times. It is all very easy to do. Parts are readily available and I can fill you in on everything you need to know about keeping it running, getting parts, and service if you need it. I have the Parts Manual, Service Manual, and Owner’s Manual, which are similar to what KTM publishes for their bikes, and very detailed.

-I think the bike has been set-up pretty nicely. The stock suspension has been adjusted to where I really like it. It does not wobble at any speed and does not need a stabilizer. It does have an adjustable triple clamp (stock), so if you want it to steer quicker, you can set it up that way. It has carb and coolant catch bottles, a couple sets of gearing, Fastway solid-mount handguards, Factory jet kit w/ emulsion tube, Husaberg axle and footpeg sliders, KTM Hard Parts black wheels WITH cush drive rear hub, a new gold RK X-ring chain, and some Michelin Pilot Powers that have been used for three days.

Price is $6,500 and I am located in Jacksonville, Florida. I am willing to bring it to you within 100 miles for free. Ocala, Starke, Daytona, Orlando, and Jennings are all roughly within that distance. I will crate it and send it to you at your expense. I have used Forward Air to ship at least four or five bikes now and their motorcycle crate rental works great.

If you are interested in the bike, have more questions, or just want to talk me out of selling it, feel free to PM me or call me. :thumbup:
This is the most recent pic I have, from the SMJ Gap trip a couple weeks ago:
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