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I am curious how long it took other folks on here to have their account activated once they signed up/registered for this forum??

I registered on Jan 14th and today I got a notice saying that my acount is now active. I was able to log in on Jan 14th (I dont know why my join date says the 15th)....but I could not start a thread, I could not post, or send a PM. I know there can be a delay so the mods can make sure the email for the account is legit....but a month before I can participate in discussions either by posting or PM is kinda long.

Basically I could look through the forum that same as before I signed up.....only know it would show me logged in up in the corner.

I was trying to ask some RC51 folks some questions.....and I dont even rememeber what I needed to find out now. :)
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