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Howdy, campers:

With the leaves on the ground, I'm getting that familiar urge to do another winter pproject, so the '90 Once-750-now-900-Sport is on the market. If you were at Grattan, Mt. Tremblant or Mosport this past season, you probably saw and heard the bike that Fran McDermott christened "The Cadillac" and know it's the ultimate Ducati sleeper.

Here’s your opportunity to own something that I can pretty much guarantee you won’t see another copy of. Ducati built a very limited production run of the first year 900 Supersport based on the 750 Sport of ’89 and ’90 for the European markets. Identical to its 750 cousin but for the motor, 17” wheels, brakes, color scheme and swing arm, this bike offered a better handling package and obviously more motor.

This one isn’t the real McCoy, but rather the happy marriage of a 1990 750 Sport and a 1995 900SS/SP and turned out to be one of the best all around bikes I’ve ever owned. Lighter and faster than your garden variety, modified 900SS, it’s equally at home at track days, touring, city riding and blasting down to the store for a pack of smokes. Excellent power, great sound, easy to ride at any speed and the ultimate sleeper to boot.

From the 1990 750 Sport:
Chassis, oil cooler, F1 aluminum slip-ons and bodywork
From the 1995 900SS/SP:
Fully adjustable, recently rebuilt Showa forks
Polished triple clamps
Bars, master cylinders and controls
Carbon fiber clad instrument cluster
Carbon front fender
17” Front wheel with polished accents
Fully-floating, cast iron front rotors
Brembo P30/34 4-piston calipers
Polished swing arm (earlier crack repairs not visible)
17 x 5.5” rear wheel with polished accents
Polished header pipe
Kokusan ignition (mounted below battery box)
1995 900SS Motor:
Recent 5-angle valve job (new valves, seats, guides, MBP collets)
NOS Monster pistons and rings
New belts
Rewired ignition pickups
Yoyodyne lightweight flywheel
Yoyodyne clutch slave cylinder
Recent Barnett clutch pack
Carbon belt covers
Carbon clutch cover
Carbon sprocket cover
41mm Keihin FCRs on short manifolds
Nichols cylinder head studs
General stuff:
2001 900SS rear shock (13 5/8”)
Braided stainless lines
Recent 39 tooth AFAM sprocket
Recent gold DID x-ring chain
Recent 15 tooth primary sprocket
Polished rear sets and pegs
Recent wheel bearings
Decent Michelin Pilot Power tires

I built this machine earlier this year and chronicled the process on the loudbike blog www.loudbike.com. You can view the posts from initial acquisitions through mock-ups, final build and various adventures on the bike at:

There’s also a great video segment at http://loudbike.blogs.com/loud_bike/2005/08/film_at_11.html of me fooling around with Mike Cecchini at Grattan on the bike with good enough sound quality that you can get a taste of the outrageously cool noises this bike makes.
Cosmetics on the bodywork are the only downside to this otherwise mint machine. There’s a small dent and chip in the right side front of the tank, a small chunk out of the fairing upper, a variety of cracks and chips on the lowers and some small chips in the paint where the rear seat cowl joins the seat. As well, some of the clear coat has started to peel away at the lower rear of the tail section.

The bike has been lovingly maintained with top quality synthetic oils used and regular service. The motor is strong and sound – doesn’t burn or consume oil.

$6,000 takes it home

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People this is a Great bike, Very fun to ride........

I have one powered by a 2004 motor and fuel injected. These are the best fun you can find.....

Old school with new age power....

Good luck with your sale! I love to ride mine....


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Wow! And all this time I thought I had the only one on the road. Take the next step and move to 17" wheels and modern suspension - you'll be blown away by the transformation. BTW, you only need a 5mm spacer at the top of the steering stem to make the modern forks work.'

999corsa said:
People this is a Great bike, Very fun to ride........

I have one powered by a 2004 motor and fuel injected. These are the best fun you can find.....

Old school with new age power....

Good luck with your sale! I love to ride mine....

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