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While researching battery cable kits for our project bikes, we came across something that is better than what we can make ourselves:

Motolectric kit: 1198

Motolectric kit: 848/1098

Motolectric kit:Monster 750/900 93-99

Motolectric kit:Monster S2R/S4R

Motolectric kit:750/900SS 91-98

Motolectric kit: Hypermotard

Motolectric kit:Sport Classic/ Sport1000

Motolectric kit: 749/999

MOTOLECTRIC HICAP - High Capacity Oxygen Free Copper DC Distribution Circuit

- improves your starting to better than it was when your bike was new

- most bikes will start in about a second (assuming you have a decent battery and your starter isn't worn out)

- extendeds battery life (sometimes 2-3 times longer life)

- maximizes the life of your starter motor

- extends the life of your sprag clutch

- virtually eliminates the chance of the aggravating "fused solenoid syndrome"

- minimizes your chance of being left stranded

- overall better electrical system performance

- enhances your pride of ownership in your classic motorcycle

- minimizes your impact on the environment

Circuit conductor | 1050 strand 99.99% Oxygen Free Copper

Terminals | Aircraft grade bare electrolytic copper

Boots | Marine grade terminal boots

Circuit connections | high pressure double swaged

Circuit sealing | double wall heat shrink seal against the environment

Insulation | oil, gas, moisture resistant, heat resistant to 105C /221 F
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