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I just thought of something.

We just came back on Wednesday of last week from my wife's family reunion in san Antonio. I started driving at 0'Dark:30 from N.C. and drove to New Orleans. L.A. Where me and the frau switched drivers. I don't remember what part of Texas it was, but I was sleeping a good part of the way. Soon after I woke up we passed a sign on I-10 that said Lone Star Track or something to that effect. Was that your guys' area!!
I seem to recall a conversation with someone about a year ago while I was still in Germany about attending some race school/instruction course there when I came to the area if there was one going on at the time. I had totally forgotten about it with everything that's been going on for me here lately. DANG!!!
That's the first time that I have ever been to Texas and I thoroughly enjoyed myself....In the evenings. Oh well maybe next time. I found out one thing though. Coming from Germany I thought the humidity in N.C was bad, but brother let me tell you what you already know.... THAT TEXAS HEAT AIN'T NOTHIN' TO FUNK WITH. I don't think I could have handled being in Leathers that week. I really didn't want to have any clothes on, and I was told that it gets worse as the summer rolls on. Ya'll gotch ya'llselves yor own personal little slice of hell out there
you do. Lol!

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Re: Hey Tripod-R! (Highsider)

Heh-heh... yes sir, it does indeed get a tad toasty 'round these parts. 95+ degrees in the shape with 100% humidity is about normal in the thick of summer.
Whenever I hear the race commentators mention how "hot" it is at the track I have to giggle to myself... It's over 80 degrees and 80% humidity!!! Yeah, yeah...

Glad you liked your visit. Southern hospitality does have its moments.

As far as the sign goes, I don't think that was us as we have yet to do any LARGE format signage. There are plenty of 'Lone Star' businesses in Texas... so who knows what the 'Track' word might have been... or whatever.

Maybe we'll see you at the track one day... in fall or Spring.

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Re: Hey Tripod-R! (Tripod-R)

they have lonestar track for horses close to Dallas and yes have of the business are lonestar here
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