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Mission creep.
Why is it you lefties oppose free speech ?
I thought y'all were so enlightened.
Killing unborn fetuses OK, Death penalty bad, and so on...:wacky
Surely you jest, just try setting up a Republican or God forbid Marine information booth in Sproul Plaza, the "birthplace of free speech" as they like to refer to it as at UC Berserkley, it's "free speech" as long as they agree with you! "Progressives" are some of the most hypocritical morons I've ever met. They justify it amongst themselves by assuring each other that they "know better", and if the nation is to survive, they must call the shots. After all, EVERYTHING bad that has occored in this country over the last 200 + years is because of those evil concervitives.........:wacky

Semper Fi! :rockon

1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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