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2003 RC51 with 30k miles, speedo healer, old fuel commander (not usb)

I have owned this bike for almost 10 years.

Last August, I rode 50 miles to work, took it on a 15 mile ride at lunch, then 40 miles into my 50 mile ride home, cruising at 40 in a 35 on flat ground, the engine simply stopped. Not a sputter, not a backfire, just turned off. Never had a flicker on the dash, no FI light. Turned the bike over, strong battery, engine showed no signs of life. Fuel pump cycles.

I tore the bike down and there is no spark to either plug.

The coils were both replaced around 6 years ago.

I have a factory manual and went through some diagnostics.

I also tried removing the fuel commander and it made no difference.

I have solid continuity from the yellow wire on the ecu to the ignition impulse generator. The wire insulation is slightly chaffed at the plug, but the copper is un damaged.

I measured the voltage at the ignition impulse wire and the book says the voltage needs to be at least 0.7 volts, I get 0.4 volts max.

I replaced the ignition impulse generator, and still have no spark.

Im pretty pissed/frustrated at this point. And I have toasted the battery from it sitting and screwing with it off and on trying to fix it.

Any advice on why I don't have spark would be MUCH appreciated. :mad:
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