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Help if you can .....

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I mentioned in a previous post that a rider at a recent track day was seriously injured. His name is Shannon Bitzer. The accident was on Saturday, and my understanding is that he is still in the ICU with very grave injuries.

NESBA (Northeast Sportbike Association) is banding together to help the guys family defray some of the costs associated with this accident.

Here's the thread on the NESBA site:


A simple request to help in any way that you can.
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Sorry to hear. I don't have anything, however, I am the current admin of the site. It has been a long time since but I will see if I can find anything in the archives with what little info is here. Any additional info would be useful - his user name, or maybe his email. PM the email, don't post it here please. With a little luck the old threads weren't removed during a site clean up over the years.
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