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As this is my first post, thought I'd introduce myself first & post some pics of my SP2. I've already been on here a few months - reading up on things like the Turn One carbon box and it's merits and looking for other mods.

I'm originally from the UK (Brighton), been living in Japan since 1998. We live in Gotemba one of Fuji's bases, about 60 miles (100km) from Tokyo's main centre. Big bikes here are comparatively rare as the licencing system is 3 tier. Most people never progress beyond 400cc and Japanese domestic high capacity models are usually restricted. We get around this with re-imports. Mine's a full power 2002 European model.

The weather forecast in Shizuoka & Tokyo yesterday was about 30-32 Deg C, with a bit of humidity. Needing to go into the city for work, I slipped on the leathers and jumped on the bike. Finishing just before rush hour, I sliced through the light traffic, got off at Atsugi, sat behind a police car for about 10km (To avoid antagonising them with my horizontal number plate - but if you run quickly enough here, they don't give chase anyways), peeled off, took in a sandwich, filled up, then headed up the Toyo Tyres (Hakone) turnpike, which is about 45km of twisty roads over the Hakone mountain ranges overlooking Fuji. I could feel the air getting cooler as it seeped through the perforations in the leathers. Last time I took this route, I had fog all the way home - so I made a mental note to watch for low clouds above the mountains when riding on the Tomei highway... None today. :cool:
The roads were completely dry with none of the sightseeing cars & bikes that are there on weekends, so it was time to open it up and peel through the corners. Wearing a back pack with camera gear and other stuff inside, plus the full tank of fuel the bike felt a little top heavy at first, but I soon forgot about that and got on with enjoying the fresh smell of pine forests, views of mountain ranges and smooth, dry tarmac. As the sun began to set Fuji peered at me through the haze. Dutifully, I stopped, wiped the bike down and shot a few snaps.

As the sun dissapeared behind Fuji, I got back on, warming the tyres back up again - but then as I came out of corners I could see beautiful views of it through gaps in the trees. I was wishing I'd brought some lenz filters with me, but I hadn't planned on taking this route home when I left this morning.. There will be other times.

The RC51 has been mine for about 4 years now. I'd always wanted one - so I sold my 954 RR2 (Never did like that bike much for some reason). I'm a serial petrol head so I've been steadily been modifying it. Some parts are actually cheaper to buy in Europe and ship here. Maxton GP7 Monoshock, matched revalved & resprung forks, PVM forged wheels, full titanium Akrapovic system, Power commander, Rearsets, Brembo front master cylinder, 3 extra teeth for the rear (alloy) sprocket, carbon hugger & front mudguard, carbon wide angle mirrors, flush LED indicators, braided hoses, Corbin seat, etc.
I'm awaiting a Turn-One carbon fibre airbox & snorkel kit. Nothing wrong with noisy bikes it's good to be heard from a distance...

We live 2 minutes from Fuji Raceway - I plan to use the bike on there sometime soon (Not on a competitive level - I use cars for that - I'm getting too old to risk breaking bones on a bike)..

I didn't want to go on the track with standard suspension.
I had Maxton suspension on a bike years ago and the difference was fantastic - so I went with the same company again. Very pleased with the results, combined with PVM wheels and the larger rear sprocket.

It broke a conrod last December (Only reason I can think of is I'd slightly over-filled the oil - causing frothing. It wasn't hydraulic lock (That would have been major over-filling) that caused this - since I'd alread done a trip to Tokyo & back, riding at full throttle some of the way).
I managed to find a brand new unused engine in Germany, so after 3 months of no riding, it arrived.
About a day's work to fit on my drive - It's been perfect ever since, so all is forgiven..

A bike can be a pain to maintain sometimes, but when we get a dry day and smooth, empty mountain roads - there's no better way to travel.


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Um, your rear turn signals are mounted backwards...

Welcome to the board!!! I've always wanted to live in Japan. Serious envy here. Cool exhaust. One more question, what's with the blue-ish tint on your headlights?

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Thanks for the compliments guys. Some of your bikes have made me drool whilst trawling threads for inspiration. Compared to the standard exhaust, it definitely has more power with this system.
It would soon blow through the wadding and cause the carbon to discolour, so last time when re-packing the cans I replaced the sleeves with titanium ones.

It's got a power commander with a good map and did 35,000km in my hands, before the conrod snapped last winter... I've seen 300km/h on the speedo recently with the wind behind me, but it's over reading by at least 10% with the larger rear sprocket. I still haven't managed to figure out how to make the speedo healer work yet.. not too fussed.

As for the headlights, the previous owner did that. I'd prefer they weren't tinted, but I'd been looking for a mint SP2 for a while - when this came along, I just had to have it & quickly sold my 954 to get this.

I don't intend to modify it much further, but if I get some more pics whilst riding around here with Fuji in view, I'll post some more. The mountain's especially beautiful in winter. If I can get someone to video it going through a tunnel, it might be fun to post a clip on Youtube.

Funny how the RC51 doesn't have the same kudos as the RC30 & 45, but just as well, so it's more affordable to those who appreciate it's merits. ;)

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Hi and welcome.
Please post some pictures of these famous Japanese mountain roads since I've heard VERY good things about them. :D
I will reciprocate with some pictures of our mountain roads if you are a good boy.

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love the exhaust. does it hurt perfomance on the stock engine or do you have motor work?

that is a 70mm piping correct?

be careful not to lean the bike out with that huge pipe and no fule added
You've been saying for years that it doesn't work AT ALL with a stock engine and have put down everyone with this system. Why would you ask him this and then look like a fool when he says you're wrong?:confused:

Lemme guess, you wanna copy his system and sell some cheap knockoff now?:banghead
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