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Heads up for 749 /999 ,

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Found on another board, hope it helps.

The wireing harness thats located between the aluminum heat shield and the back of the battery housing on my 05' 999R created a small fire.

Apperantley the wire harness was pinched between the heat shield and the battery housing cousing the insulation around the wire to wear out with the friction and vibration of the bike.

The now bare (+) wire grouded out cousing it to heat up. The bare wire began to smolder for a few seconds. Luckely I was around my bike when it happened.

I must note that my bike had not been riden and the ignition was off.

The very next day, I took it in to have it looked at. When the dealer disscovered what had happened, they informed me that the wireing harness could of coused the bike to gone up in flames. Luckely, this wasn't the case.

The dealer called Ducati N. America and it appears to be an isolated case. Never the less, It just takes about an hour of your time to make sure that the wireing harness behind the battery housing isn't pinched between it and the heat shield. There should be a little slack.

I sincerely hope this doest happen to any of you.

Take care evrey one


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Re: Heads up for 749 /999 , (998)

I would reccomend everyone checks their bike periodically, it may well have prevented the disaster that struck my Monsta.

I doesn't take long to do a thorough check and it could save hours of torment and sadness not to mention the financial screwing that comes with it.

Thanks for posting 998, these wee reminders need bringing up .
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