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In the Miata
Not to run it there but to carry my GSX-R 750 forks to Mike at Thermosman Suspension for the treatment. Plan on wathcing the CCS races there while I wait for the fork job. A friend is racing 600 novice today, 3 races, I hope he does well and the rain stays away.

Plan on picking up a rear shock if he has one in my price range. The seven fifty will me standing tall hopefully by sunday.
about time I am sick of that stock suspension

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Re: Headed out to BARBER today (roadkill)

Weather was great! hot and I have a ******* to prove it
no rain. Races were pretty good CCS is slower than WERA
Seems everyone gets a white plate whether they deserve it or not. Friggin huge expert grids totally opposite of WERA. Seen some hairball play by some of the so-called experts, weaving hard on the front straight, try that shit on me and I'll punt your ass 1st turn we come into
One SV crashed bike burned on the straight into T4. Rider okay but transported. Seemed no one knew their grid positions all day long, is this a CCS norm
Geoff May was flying, 30 flat on a 600 and 28 on a 1000. He was the only big name there, he was running Haskovics number 3 bikes all day, nice move
I'll stick with WERA thank you very much.

My friend who raced had 3 races, he crashed out in 2 of them
Damn the boy just won't listen to me

Thermosman raised his magic wand over my forks, $700 clams later they should be good to go. Rear shock will be mailed to me next week, he didn't have one for me. It was fun to be back at a track on raceday I can't wait to get the 750 to one on raceday. 2006 season is right around the corner.
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