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Don't know about product quality but their business practices are dubious to say the least.
Most of their brake parts are made for/by Yana Shiki in Taiwan and then sold under the Bremzen brand. Perhaps this particular set of rotors is US made :)rolleyes:) but given the fact that all the rest of their products are made in Asia I would take the US-made statement cum grano salis. As the claim that their products are better than Galfer, Spiegler etc (yes, I saw the ads).
Perhaps their discs are good quality on par with OE but would you do business with someone making such dubious claims? :confused:

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The only after market rotors I would consider need to offer a performance advantage over OEM. Not many rotors are on the market that can do that. Braketech Iron rotors do, and then there are the CMC blades. Other than that the OEM RC51 rotors are very hard to beat.
I would love to have a wave rotor or something in that style which preformed as good as the OEM.

Form some input form others on this and other sites, I think I will keep looking for a rotor as you have described. I can't afford CMC but I will look into Braketech. THanks

DesperateSP2 - I agree with you. From the input I have received, this company does not seem to be truthful. Sure we make them and then sell to a company in china (or where ever they are) who then will knock $50 off and sell them back here in the US. I do not believe it.
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