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I like.

Always like Vrods, but there are three things that I didnt like. DIdnt like the forward controls, silver frame (black is now available) and the freaking $17K price tag for a bike that should sell for $13K max.

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Re: Harley Street Rod (Dave)

"Two tone silver and black engine with polished highlights"

Well- it's a start I suppose.
At least as much as the Machine will let the designers produce.

It looks like a performance customizers dream

But - since this bike is considered a "Specialty" and is not what HD normally makes expect a steep price for it.

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Re: Harley Street Rod (Duc)

Found it

Vivid black $16,495
Pearl or Sunglo $16,740
H-D® factory security system Standard
ESPFI Standard
California emissions
ESPFI $100
California air resources board fee $3.27
Freight (applies to the 48 contiguous states and Alaska only) $235

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Re: Harley Street Rod (Dave)

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by Dave »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">http://www.harley-davidson.com...en_US

Note the foot peg position.</TD></TR></TABLE>

Cool. Like others I've always liked the VRod. There bikes are over priced but I wish them luck. I hope sales keep going at a record pace. Glad to see an American company do well.

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Re: (Dave)

I like how 30 degree rake is considered a steep raked front end
and I bet she really corners with that short 66.8 inch wheelbase. They really don't get it.

Oh yeah, and that svelt 617 pounds DRY should help too.

Modified by Phil 998 at 9:48 AM 1/25/2005

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Re: Harley Street Rod (Dave)

It's pretty ugly. Close to a naked bike, though, so that's cool. They had to raise the seat way up in the frame to get the pegs underneath the rider. The rake was taken in to 30 degrees for handling. I'd like to see a comparo with some other naked Twins. (The two wheeled kind

It's what the Sportster should be IMO.


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Re: Harley Street Rod (Rocket51)

This is closer to what the V-Rod should have been like all along. I think it has potential for customizing and could be modified to look really cool. Price is pretty steep though.

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Re: Harley Street Rod (Latebraker)

I just got back from the Harley Winter Dealer meeting.
The new Street Rod is definately what the first Vrod should have been.
I took a demo ride yesterday and the bike feels much lighter than the standard Vrod.
The Brembo brakes are awsome and the new pipe and fuel mapping have the crank shaft horsepower at 120.
The bike changes direction easily and it held it's line through fast turns quite well. It is the cross over bike in the Harley line up and it's definately in the right direction. I talked to Eric Buell for a couple of minutes and the guy needs an engine for his creations. He is as passionate about his products as anyone I have ever met and lives to ride and race.

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Re: (Phil 998)

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by Phil 998 »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">I like how 30 degree rake is considered a steep raked front end

It is for a HD.

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Re: (RP Racing)

It's looking more and more like a Road Star Warrior all the time!

Well, maybe not...

The thing that bugs me about Harley trying to change the V-Rod into some kind of cornering machine is the way they designed it in the first place. If you saw that show a few years ago about the making of the V-Rod, you'll know that Porsche helped them design and build the motor. It was only after they had the motor that they started bending tubing around it to make a frame.

There was no engineering involved, in the sense that most manufacturers use computers to design chassis that don't flex during cornering (or at least allow a definite amount of flex). Harley simply made a frame that "looked right". WTF?

Yamaha, on the other hand, designed the Warrior using the same tools and technology they used to design the R1. If you're going to buy a "sport" cruiser, you may as well get something that's supposed to go through corners by design!

I agree that Harley should let Erik Buell use that motor and make a real street rod!

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Harley also worked with GM and their Hydroforming experience to get that frame to even resemble something well thought out. Well maybe a smooth afterthought

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Re: (foopenhiemer)

Maybe this is the V-Rod they should have built originally, but they've sold many of them... #6 selling model out of 28 or so, and the #1 H-D overseas. The 15,000 units annually in the States is more than the entire line-up of BMW, Triumph, Ducati, etc.

Also, forget the crap about original design, mistakes, and such. This thing was designed to be a dragster inspired bike from the start, with cruiser ergos (the largest motorcycle subcategory by far). Most V-Rod riders ride in the city or suburbs. While we enjoy our sportbikes, 99% of roads don't have curves and the V-Rod is just fine.

Oh, Erik Buell did say in a recent Fuell interview his resistance to any liquid cooled powerplant in a Buell model, preferring the simplicity, looks (hates the plumbling), and weight of air-cooled. Also notes the air-cooled Buell is on the verge of meeting the upcoming EPA restrictions.

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Re: (sfarson)

USA Buell sales for 2004 were up a little over 12%, 58% in Europe.
Thats a huge increase overall.

Harley has recently taken away/dropped the Buell lineup from quite a few of it's dealers. Many dealers do not like the brand nor did they care to have well trained sales people or stock parts/accessories much less have service tools or certified techs to perform repairs/service. This situation was hurting their overall CSI.
Our store here in Houston will likely be the only Buell dealer in our market and it will help the few dealers and their customers.
The new street rods have quite a few "hop up" parts in the pipeline and we will be building a big bore with ported heads version for our owner as soon as it becomes available. I'll get to ride it as much as he does!!!
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