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Before you flame me.. Let me just say I'm trying to help a friend who doesn't know any better and bought a Hardley.

He posted this question on a Hardley message board, but I saw they only get about 4 hits a day.. So he might be waiting some time for his answer..

So here it is: Cut and pasted..

I tried jump starting my 2002 FLHTCI, now when I turn my ignition on there is HUGE feedback coming through the speakers (even when the stereo is NOT on) What did I break, any ideas ?

(Edited by Zlowrider at 2:54 pm on Feb. 8, 2005)

I thought maybe the collective brains here might offer him some suggestions.
So far, I suggested that he pull the juice on the battery and see if that trips some computer chip gizmo. But, that's the only thing I could come up with.

Thank guys!!

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Re: Harley-Davidson Electronic Feedback. (hoythuntin)

They do that. His has the Magneti Marelli fuel injection, which sucks ass. Anything newer has the Delphi system which is much better.

By the way - I like Harleys, but I prefer the simple carbureted ones.
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