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Re: GSXR 1000 Frame Problems (cb186)

i think the bike that hit the wall was a 600 GSXR this bike was on a different crash...

The next race of the day was the first running of a new premier class within the MRA - "Race of the Rockies GTU". Race of the Rockies is an "anything-goes" type of class, however this new version of the class limits the bikes to 640cc much like the AMA Formula Extreme class. Both Dave and Mike got excellent starts on their RacerSupply.com GSXR 600s at the drop of the green flag, and ran with the leaders in the early part of the race. By mid-race, Dave was lapping in 6th place overall out of 29 entries and Mike was in 8th - then disaster struck. The entrance to turn one is well over 100 miles-per-hour, and is considered by most a terrible place to crash. Mike did just that when entering turn 1 and tucked the front while descending the PPIR banking. This however was not your "standard" crash, and after Mike was sliding on the ground next to the bike, the centrifugal forces of the wheels lifted the bike upright once again and sent it ghost riding down the track into turn 1! The bike veered up the banking, did 3 perfect circles against on coming traffic, glanced a concrete wall then came to rest on its frame slider off the racing line. Unfortunately, this incident brought out the red flag, and Dave was forced to settle for 6th place with Mike having to lick his wounds to do battle another day. Mike's RacerSupply.com custom leathers and gloves did their job however, and even after a very fast crash Mike has almost no bruises to show off for sympathy.

i don't think the GSXR1000 could compete on this class.
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