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I thought I would post up one of the many positive experiences that I have had with my dealer here in Calgary. The staff at Revoluzione Cycle Imports (www.revoluzione.com) deserve a huge pat on the back!

On a recent ride from Alberta through British Columbia the check engine light on my bike lit up so I pulled over to a rest stop with the other two riders I was with and I shut the engine off. I waited a couple of minutes and tried to start the bike again but nothing... little click and that was it.

Gauges all worked, could hear the fuel pump priming etc, but no firing of the engine. I am not mechanically nor electrically inclined by any stretch of the imagination so I called Ken at Revoluzione and said basically "HELP"!!

He walked me through several things and he was quickly able to determine that it was a fuse problem but also stated that if that was NOT the issue for whatever reason, that I wasn't to worry as Revoluzione would get a recovery vehicle for me and my machine (keep in mind that I am over 400Km away from my dealer at this point).

As it turned out, a new fuse fixed things right up (thanks Oliver for having spares!!) and I was back on my way. Ken also insisted that I bring the bike to him asap so he could go over the bike and make sure that it was an isolated incident and not a symptom of a bigger problem.

I went to pick the bike up yesterday and all was well and I was very impressed to see that my severely bug splattered and dusty bike had been meticulously washed and detailed.

Very often its not the big things that set dealers apart but the small little details.

I hope this post is not in violation of any commercial advertising rules on the forum, but I thought credit should be given to a dealer that consistently goes beyond the basics to ensure their customers enjoy these wonderful machines that we all purchased and love to motor around on.


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