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Wanted to share this with everyone, some of you may have read it already, Just been reading Motorcycle news from the UK and because bike theft is on the rise out there they are now putting Baby Monitors in thier garage and keeping the other one by the bed. Not so sure that that is so needed here but I thought it was a bloody good idea!!!

Anyways on a side note we wanted to wish all of our customers New and old and yet to come a great New year and remember you can ride like hell on New years Day most of the cops are off work !!!

Cheers to all

Ryan and Reeve

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Re: Great Anti Theft Device (Doo Cat One)

That's funny. I always use a 900MHz baby monitor for my race trailer for those long trips when I'm in a hotel.

But, I have to say I really like my Scorpio SR-i500. It's a little key cahin pager that not only sets your alarm but tells you what sort of mischief is going on with your bike as is happening (or if you are out of range it will tell you exactly what time your bike was disturbed). It has a great range though. It's got some cool addon features too.


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