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Got a new bike and looking for a 2 stroke tuner

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Hey guys,

I recently picked up a track bike, 2004 Aprilia Cup bike. The bike was stored for years and although the previous owner got it running quite well, its not running 100%. He swapped the servo motor and one of the servos were stuck. Other than that the bike is like New, 672 km on the odometer.
Bike seems to have never been raced/tracked as all bolts/nuts are original and not drilled.

I am looking for a reputable 2 stroke tuner who can get the bike at 100% and hopefully I can take it from there. I have had a 1996 RS250 before which I bought new and kept bone stock. In over 2 years of racing I once messed with teh jetting and it still ran 100%. I am hoping this one will do the same.

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Congrats on a sweet looking bike and best of luck on getting it sorted. Good thing is there isn`t a whole lot to sort on a carbureted smoker.
Sex on a stick! HOT!
Blimey that´s ****ing a mate!

More pix!
Fookin' SWEET! :notworthy

Semper Fi! :rockon

Show-off . That gullwing SA is a work of art .:rockon
Repeat after me: two-stroke! two-stroke! two-stroke! woohoo!!!!!

Just make it a DI and you can kiss the cammers goodbye (yep, V4s too)....
very nice indeed more pics

nice damn bike for sure
Some swingarm porn: (note how clean/new every nut/bolt is)

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OMFG! Amazing! How much?

Screw V4's..
OMFG! Amazing! How much?

Screw V4's..
Got it for a little over $6K but I still have to pay some money to get it titled.

It also came with a Brand New set of Brembo/Aprilia wheels.
Cant decide yet if I want to keep the wheels or sell them.
Attaboy. Time to go SV hunting!
Man that thing doesnt even look like it was hardly run! What a sweet ride! :rockon
A VERY clean example!
Find your way over to RGV250 Forums if you haven't already.....wealth of knowledge.

I see from the pic there are aftermarket pipes on it. History on the bike??
Ride it like you stole it.
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