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entertain me;

I'm wondering how different a 2001 F4i would be compared to my 1997 GSXR600
the F4i is fuel injected, and the gixxer is still carburated
the gixxer has very obvious driveline lash, and although I've grown used to it and modulate the clutch accordingly to minimize it, I'm curious how the F4i would compare in every departament. I assume the honda will be more comfortable? what else would immediately jump out at me, I don't drag my knee (yet), but I do manage to drag my toe occationally if I don't tuck my foot in all the way (I'm usually on the ball of my foot, not the flat part, don't worry about that), I'm sure I could get a knee down if I adjusted my riding position (still learning)

anyways, just a question that I thought I'd ask, the F4i always had a spot in my heart but I wound up with the gixxerbomb

back to you roger

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Re: Gixxer vs. F4i (dj_wawa)

The F4i is a smoother bike. If you are dragging your toes on the gixxer, you better get aftermarket rearsets for the F4i because they are very low. Also, I've heard reports of the exhaust grounding out on the F4i at ridiculous speeds.

Hope this helps.

The F4i feels narrower and is easier to ride in my opinion.
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