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FS: Various good used parts (lots of pics)

No longer needed, since I sold the 03.
I kept alot of these as spares for the track. But, never needed em.
All electrical parts are verified/tested good.

All came off my 03 (SP2). Some may work on SP1 or SP2. I’ve noted those I “know” are SP2 only.

All prices are + shipping. Send me a PM with your zip code, for a shipping estimate.

Sold OEM clipons - $25
Sold Carbon hugger - $50
Left-side radiator fan (SP2 only) - $15
Sold Left-side radiator (SP2 only) - $50
Sold Oil cooler w/ lines (SP2 only) - $25
Sold Intuitive frame sliders, new-in-the-box (SP2 only) - $50
Sold Sprocket carrier + axle spacers - $20
Sold Stator cover (left-side crank case cover) - $20
Sold OEM gas cap w/ key - $10
Right-side lower fork tube - $25
Steering head bearings + hardware - $25
Sold Nicky mod’d sprocket cover - $20
Various fork bits - Make offers

Sold Baro/MAP Sensor - $45
Sold Power Commander PC IIIr (SP2 only) - $125
Sold ECM (SP2 only) - $125
Ignition converter - $75
Regulator/rectifier - $50
Ignition Pulse Generator - $25

See below for pictures & further details.

Preferred method of payment is cash, or postal money order.


· Captain Obvious
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Left-side Radiator
Does NOT leak.
As you'll notice in the picture, there is a small area of rash (caused by dropping the bike in the gravel/run-off, at the track). And a small dent in the forward tank. Otherwise straight. I replaced it cuz I'm anal.
Everything pictured is included.


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