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***SOLD*** FS - unused TXFExtreme undertail in OEM Silver

This is a gun port style undertail painted in OEM silver by texas fairings (txfextreme) before they shipped it to me. TXFExtreme says that this Undertail fits 2000-2004 RC-51's.
The turn signals are built into the undertail, and each turn signal has 12 LED's that light up in Amber. The brake light has 32 Leds that light up in red. The lens for the brake light will be clear.

I just can't bring myself to do the cutting to the undertray to install this....it's box was only opened to look at it. So $150.00 will take it - you pay shipping.
Look at it this way - you're getting what would cost $200 + shipping on ebay, for $50 less and it'll ship right away - which is better than I can say for when I got it. :clapper
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