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1, 998 Showa forks, TiN fork tubes, excellent condition $450

2, SBK Clipons 53mm also off a 998 ( iirc) $25

3, Cyclecat triple clamp, model DTC1. $250

This is the triple you need if you want to install SBK forks on an SS, per cyclecat:

"The DTC-1 and DTC-5 top triple clamps are CNC-machined of solid billet 7075 aluminum. Designed to fit all Ducati 888s and 900 Supersport models, the DTC-1 is a specifically made to enable fitting superbike (53mm) forks in place of stock (50mm) forks. The DTC-5 is designed to fit standard, 50mm forks. The DTC-1 comes with the shim ne-cessary to properly adapt the stock lower triple clamp to the superbike forks.

Cycle Cat's signature trellis design combines remarkable strength and rigidity with minimal weight. "

email me at hubertotlik at hotmail.com

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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