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Right lower, I'm really not sure what year, '02 or '03 would be my best guess.

Broken down where the exhaust runs through. This would be a quite easy fix for someone with a plastic welder I would think.

Other than the break, I'd say 8/10. Couple scratches here and there, but all pretty light, that mark at the bottom is tape or sticker, would probably come off with some goof-off.
All mounts intact, even has a few of the rubber grommets.

Best offer + $30 shipping.
Located in Tucson, AZ if you want to pick it up.

Probably won't get PM's very often so your best bet to get a hold of me is email or text.
bjmcveigh at hotmail dot com
text: 520 six zero three 8117

You can see where it melted through and then broke.
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