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FS - Respro "Foggy" Anti-Fog Breath Guard

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Respro "Foggy" Anti-Fog Breath Guard

This hard to find item is now in stock at Ducati Seattle

-The permanent solution to eliminate face shield fogging
-Forget the sprays or fog strips
-Easy to install and remove
-Compatible with most full coverage helmets
-Used by BSB Championship racers as well as Ducati Seattle staff
-Red, Black or Carbon look
-Only $15.95 - $17.95
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Re: FS - Respro "Foggy" Anti-Fog Breath Guard (Dave R)

Get em while they're hot !

The next batch of 25 just came in !! They nicked us a bit more this time around to the tune of another $1.00 something but still a bargain ! Give Sonny a shout to put your name on one..
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