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Jeff , can make you left side scoop if you want.
If anyone is also looking for a L or R scoops to make up a pair ,let's know and I can make one to order

Fuel cell,Hmmmmm,
I once expolored the idea of cutting the OEM fuel tank off just forward of the filler cap and welding a panel on the front thus retaining the the rear section and fuel pump.
Trade off would be reduced fuel volume to around 10lts, good for track work but not so great for road touring.
Then fitting a dummy OEM replica Carbon Fiber Tank shell over the smaller fuel tank.
Advantage would be increasing the Performance Airbox volume by around another 8lts and weight saving up top of a few more kilo's.

Never really got past the idea stage but would be interested to hear if anybody has done something like this or someone might like to pick up the idea and run with it.

Cheers , Brett
there was a european guy who fabbed a aluminum underseat track tank that fit under the seat and into the sub and then you can make a dummy tank and save oddles of weight. the need for losing a few pounds of fuel and losing that mileage seems not plausable and for the cost one coud buy a fuelcel:twocents
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