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Hey Gang,

I have an extra set that I don't want to keep so maybe one of you need a set, so here you go! This is what I have a set of CRG Shorties sold as as a set 120.00 shipped or I can split them up if you just want one them I will sell them to you but before I do that I must have a buyer for the brake lever as well.

If sold separately 65.00 shipped for the clutch lever (shorty) rate scale of 1-10 I'd rate them an 8 super tiny scratches on the bar end. (see photo 4)

75.00 for the Brake lever (shorty)scale 1-10: 9.8

Price listed above is for levers only no bolts/nuts

Reply or PM me if you have any questions
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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