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I'm selling a set of like new Tomahawk tire warmers. Will work with 150 - 190 rears. Used a couple of times. Absolutely perfect condition. New ones go for $275, I would like to get $190 shipped in Continental USA. Here are the specs on them:

External material; Cordura
Heating element; Resistance silicone wire identical to many current household
heated blankets
Insulation layer; Kevlar aramid fiber and nomex
Neon Indicator
Resistance: 21-24 Ohm, Wattage: 120V*120V/24 Ohm = 600W.
Thermosat setting: 80 Degree Celsius
Heating Time: 10 minutes; 45 minutes is recommended;The warmer gets to its peak temperature in 10 minutes;
Expected tire temperature: 80 Celsius Degrees

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