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Toying with the idea of selling the zed I found a crazy ass Ducati out of state that is up for sale , unfortunately to ease the burden of that bike I would most likely have to relucktantly sell my streetfighter ,(as I would then own 3 bikes)guy built it from scratch and is totally one off, he came down with some illness and cant really ride anymore,so trades are out of the question, but as you can guess the price is up there.

Off the top of my head heres some of the shit that is done to my bike:

its a 75 z1 with a 76 motor
has an 1105 kit in it
36 mikuni flatslides
welded crank
shimmed underbuckets
ported head
heavy duty cam chain
slotted cam gears
Main plate
Undercut Transmission
Heavy Duty 2nd Gear
Rear Oil Pickup
1105cc R.C. Engineering Pistons
APE Heavy Duty Cylinder Studs
Head Ported and Polished
thats just the engines internals..

custom carbon fiber bits include...

Engine mounts
Headlamp brackets
Rear sets
Kerker oval canister
Battery box
Rear brake light bracket (LED strip attached)
Instrument bracket with digital speedometer and tachometer and flush mounted LED warning lights

The frame has been extensively modified, strengthened and gusseted
Much reduced Z1 frame flexing
Detachable rear-subframe (via 4 bolts)
Ride-height adjustable
Pre-load adjustment and dampening knobs directly available as you open the seat

GSXR 750 USD forks, rotors, calipers and wheels
Modified triple trees with bar stops
Custom Bar Risers
K&N Superbike Bar

Braced R6 swingarm
Detachable rear-subframe (via 4 bolts)
Monoshocked – hand crafted shock linkage
Ride-height adjustability
Original “duck bill” tail section

8” Diameter Headlamp
Dyna Ignition and Coils
New, smaller battery

Front Fender: GSXR 750
Original 1975 Z1 Gas Tank (poly resin sealed)
Original Modified 1975 Z1 Sidecovers
Original 1975 Z1 Tail Section

Engine cases
Reverse Shift Pattern
Hand crafted Billet footpegs
Hand crafted polished canister bracket
SS Brake Lines - front and rear
New Chrome “Diamond” Dual Pingel Petcock

Custom made seat (padding and cover) wich in my opinion is the weak spot of the bike

theres problably some other shit I have forgot but you get the idea..

will I get all my money out of it?..problably not and I dont expect to..but I cant just give it away to some tire kicking moron either

I still have plans , as of now to pull the motor in the winter and throw on a oil cooler and newer hotter cams $$$$$!

pics are attached




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Asking price is 5200$, but I am negotiable , I also would consider trades/partial trades as well..key word being "consider"

As you can see and as I stated there is a ton of work done to it, and its interesting to ride it and get the looks and questions ..it gets more looks that those billet pig choppers..seriously.

I dont even remotely expect to get what I have tied into it..just looking for a fair deal for both parties.

more pics are available upon request.



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Ya, I agree ,but that means a full frame off..as I would have to paint the frame black..I would love to put a retro theme/ original color scheme on it, but it is what it is for now.

I may have picked a bad time to sell it..seeing that the season is nearing an end
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