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This Lightened Flywheel is for Ducati Superbikes 2003 and up, 749, 999, 1098, 1198 and Street Fighter.
(Does not fit 848 or 1098R, these bikes comes with a light flywheel stock)
If you are not sure about your bike please ask me.
The weight goes from From 4.5 lbs to 2 lbs, this translates to a huge improvment in acceleration.
This is a stock flywheel that has been professionally machined down to achieve the weight loss.
$75.00 exchange plus 4.95 shipping.

There is a $75.00 core charge for the flywheel. When you return your flywheel to us you will receive a $75.00 Refund.

We can also machine your flywheel (from any Ducati), just send it in and we will turn in around in 48 hrs
75.00 plus shipping.

We also lighten primary gears, cam gears, starter sprag gears, ect.

[email protected]
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