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Selling my GT1000 for the simple reason that I just don't ride it enough.

The bike has ~ 5400 miles. Oil has been changed and it's mechanically perfect.

The Good:
Black Forged Aluminum Marchesini 10 spoke wheels
Michelin Pilot Powers
ST3 4-piston calipers
PS 1000 Front Fender
Comfort Seat (stock seat included)
Termi slip-ons + chip
Sport 1000 clip-ons
CRG Hindsight rearview mirror
Pitbull rear stand

The Bad:
The bike got knocked over while parked, so…the following parts were damaged:
Small chip on the tank (tiny) and I have a BRAND NEW tank to go with the bike
Mirror was scuffed
Shift lever was bent (have a new piece to go with the bike)
Clutch lever was bent (slightly) and have a new one to go with it
Foot peg was scuffed (barely noticeable)
I broke the oil temp sensor while changing the oil, but I have a new oil temp sensor to go with the bike

I am severely anal retentive about my motorcycles and this one is no different. I did not bother replacing the damaged parts simply because I didn't want to put pristine components on, just to have the bike knocked over again. However, they're in my garage, awaiting install. I do NOT have any of the stock parts with the exception of the seat.

Please email me directly: hubertotlik at gmail dot com with questions or comments.

Asking price: $7500. Located in San Diego, CA

Thank you (pictures below).

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