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FS - cyclecat DKS-55 sidestand for non s4R monsters. never used. $120 deliverred

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FS - cyclecat DKS-55 sidestand for non s4R monsters. SOLD!

thanks guys...

here's cyclecat's link for reference:

i've got a DKS-55 available for sale. i'm planning on running their new SBK-specific model (http://www.cyclecat.com/DKS11-1.htm for whoever's interested) since i have a one-sided header now.

the DKS-55's 1" longer than stock on the 900/1000 so if your bike leans too far over for your comfort, pick this up. if you've raised the rear on your bike, this will help right it's position on the stand. i trial-fitted it on my bike but never used it. i can post a pic if anybody's curious but it looks exactly like what's on cyclecat's site.

retail is $145. i'd like $120 and will cover shipping within the 48 states. paypal preferred, will accept checks, m/o's if required. pm me or email at [email protected]

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