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FS 996S showa front fork

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Hi... I got this fork from ebay a few days ago and I paid $515 for it... there were 9 people bidding until the end... the fork is like new in very good condition came off a 996S its 45mm I am happy with it BUT I decided to keep my bike as is.
I also have a corse oil cooler I got from ebay 3 weeks ago which look brand new, and paid $415 for it, this cooler will fit any 996 or 998 has large capacity I believe is part # 96438901B but I am not 100% sure. Again, will not do the project in mind just yet.
Both pieces are packed and ready to go.
Make me an offer if you are in the market for any of these 2 pieces
I have a paypal account.
Thank you for your consideration.

I hope this time pictures show..

Modified by diablito at 2:49 PM 5/7/2005
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Re: FS 996S showa front fork (diablito)

I got 2 messages on the cooler but as I was writing the email responding my power went out and lost the email and the instant message was lost also
.. so I do not recall the email of the person who asked me for more pictures only thing I remember was dave.. if you do not mind sending the message back will be good.
thank you.
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