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I need to clear the stock a bit to purchase some more RS bits for the 998.

I am thinking of clearing out therefore:

- Set of tripple injector throttle bodies for 996RS (2000 model I believe)
Those are 60mm. I also have for them some nylon extensions (made by Foggy's ex-mechanic from what I have been told) to make them work on a 998RS with oval manifolds.
I am missing the top feed injectors but you can use Marelli GPi 003 in there which are the same spec/shape as the IWF that they used (and much cheaper too).
I would want about GBP 1500 for this

- Set of 431 intake / G exhaust cams - These are the best combination on 888 and 996 engines as many tuners prefer the high lift intake cams rather than the long duration of the G intakes.
Those are brand new, never fitted.
Looking for GBP 1,000 for this

Please let me know if interested.

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