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Ducati 1098S; Black w/red frame, 6,800 mi, Red DP silicone hose kit, Ohlins 25mm race valve/spring kit.

I bought this bike new in "07" and it saw only street miles that year which is a majority of the 6,800. I tracked the bike in "07" and "08" and did have a minor low side at Barber. The bike suffered only cosmetic damage which has been fixed. It is now back to 100% stock condition except for the hose kit and fork internals. It's wearing Michelin power race shoes which are a little roughed up from track use but still have plenty of meat left for street duty. I still owe about 5K on it and a payoff amount will need to be established if someone is interested in the bike. I need to sell the bike to ease some financial strain but I'm not willing to take a bath on it either.


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