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FS: 2004 RC51 Track Bike (SOLD)


Thanks for all the interest guys.


I know that this is a long shot, but here we go.

After 5 yrs of ownership, it's time for the RC to move on. I have loved owning and riding this bike, both on the track and the street. Two years ago I converted everything over to track trim with the intention of starting club racing. Unfortunately, as much as I'd still like to do this, I've finally come to the realization that my lifestyle just isn't suited to making it happen; I'm just too busy and have too many other interests that take preference. I have considered simply converting it back to the street, but the truth is, after riding at a fairly high level on the track, I could never ride this bike again on the roads because it just wouldn't be satisfying.

It is pretty well sorted for what it is, and I'd really prefer to sell it to someone who can enjoy it as opposed to parting it out. Realistically, I may end up having to do just that, but I'd like to try finding a new owner first before doing so because I just can't justify gutting it without trying to find the right buyer. Don't bother calling dibs on parts just yet because I'm going to ignore you.

Spec List:

2004 RC51: 12578mi: 11trackdays
  • Harris Slip-ons (Almost new canisters ~500mi)
  • Power Commander III USB
  • Sato Clip-ons
  • 1/6th turn throttle
  • Front Forks: SP1 rebuilt by Dave Moss at Catalyst Reaction Suspension: top-out springs removed, revalved and sprung for 160lb rider
  • Woodcraft rearsets: 1 trackday
  • Steering damper (can't for the life of me think of the brand right now)
  • Galfer Superbike Front Brake lines
  • Galfer G1375 Pads (1 trackday)
  • Tires: Dunlop D209 Front - Good condition. Dunlop D211 NTec Rear - 2 trackday sessions
  • Spare SP2 Rear Wheel (Sp1 currently on bike)
  • 15/42 gearing
  • Intuitive Frame Sliders
  • Swingarm sliders
  • Cheetah Race bodywork
  • Ffabbri screen
  • Moriwaki fins
  • Lightened Rear subframe
  • LP Front and Rear stands
  • Brand new XT Racing Ultra Lap timer
  • Price: $2500
In addition, I have also removed excess wiring, both fans, side stand and the obvious street running gear. I haven't weighed everything that has been removed, but I'm guessing that it amounts to at least 25lbs. I'm sure that there's more that I'm forgetting. I did lowside it on the street 2 years ago; the frame has been checked and is straight, and everything that was damaged has been replaced.

If anyone is seriously interested, email me and I'll give you more details as well as additional pictures. I've owned this bike since 2000mi, and have done all the work on it myself, so I know everything there is to know about it.



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Thanks Kurt.

There has to be a buyer somewhere for this bike... I know that if I had seen somthing like this 2 years ago when I built mine, I would have kept it in street form and bought another bike.

I'm pretty sure that most trackbikes for sale for around this price are complete dogs or have been thrashed to death; this bike has been extremely well maintained and runs like new, so there has to be someone interested in buying it. If not... well, we'll see.
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